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Tennis Academy Zivkovic was founded in April 2008. The club’s owner is Nikola Zivkovic, who was junior champion in Serbia, and later on continued his tennis career in Germany; first as a player and later as a coach, and got several coaching licenses. As a coach of women’s national team under 14, he has won the world's championship. He was declared the best coach in Serbia for 2011..

Beside him, there are other reputable coaches who have won first places in the country, who have successful professional career and are physical education teachers. The club has 9 tennis courts, multi-function hall for fitness trainings, apartments, cafe-restaurant... The club has over 80 active athletes from every age group, who practice daily. Many of them are champions and vice-champions of the state, both individually and in team competition. The international competitions that should be mentioned are FUTURES (female and male), ETA (under 16 years in both competitions) and many other federal and regional competitions. Apart for our renowned coaches, here at the club, we also have a doctor, physiotherapist, sports psychologist and conditioning coaches available daily. This camp is very useful since, during relatively short period of time, it helps plyers to improve their technique of playing tennis, to make the most of their physical condition, and everything under the watchful eye of the doctor, physical therapist who also does Kinesis taping, and sports psychologist who, in cooperation with trainers, extracts the maximum potential from each player respectively. Especially convenient is the fact that there are overnight rooms for players, a hall for trainings, a café, a nice place for resting and socializing and a restaurant with balanced nutrition; all of that, just a few meters from tennis courts. During international competitions, ETA and FUTURE, we provide contestants who are staying in our rooms with a possibility of free use of tennis courts during one hour. During ITF women’s tournament in Prokuplje (25 km from Nis), participants are provided with accommodation at our club’s lodging, where they also can practice, while the matches are held in Prokuplje. From our previous experience, we can draw the conclusion that they were more than pleased to stay in our club. They were very satisfied with the conditions of rooms and restaurant and the peace and quiet of this part of the city; and even more important, there are always sparring players and stringers available.



Club President

Camp Coach

Nikola Zivkovic

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