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Our Club

Tennis Academy Zivkovic was founded in April 2008. The club’s owner is Nikola Zivkovic, who was junior champion in Serbia, and later on continued his tennis career in Germany; first as a player and later as a coach, and got several coaching licenses. As a coach of women’s national team under 14, he has won the world's championship. He was declared the best coach in Serbia for 2011.

Beside him, there are other reputable coaches who have won first places in the country, who have successful professional career and are physical education teachers. The club has 9 tennis courts, multi-function hall for fitness trainings, apartments, cafe-restaurant..


Train With World Champions!


Many competitors found Tennis Academy "Zivkovic" to be a perfect place to stay and train while competing in nearby tournaments.

On the right you can find links to official Tennis Europe tournament calendars for year 2019 for Serbia and other countries in region.

You can always contact us if you want to know more about tournaments, training staff and facilities, camp programs, or just to say hello.


  • Masa Mitic Tennis Player
    Masa Mitic

    I enjoy training in tennis club TAZ, because they have good coaches. I love to train because I have a lot of friends with whom I play. We're in a group of 4 maximum and we are all competitors. During tournaments we all hang out and cheer for each other. I would never change this club for another.

  • Teodora Jovanovic Tennis Player
    Teodora Jovanovic

    I have trained in tennis club TAZ since childhood. I'm getting ready to go to the USA to study. Fortunately, I play tennis, which allows me to get a good scholarship, thanks to the sport. I am going to do what I love the most - playing tennis. I have already applied and now I am waiting for a response. I train several hours a day; plus I have fitness trainings in the club. It's great here. There are a lot of us who decide to study abroad and apply for sports scholarship. We also have a restaurant here, so I sometimes spend the whole day at the club.

  • Nikola Dimitrijevic Tennis Player
    Nikola Dimitrijevic

    My game improved significantly since I'm training in Tennis Academy Zivkovic. Currently, I lead the state rankings in U16 category. I play international tournaments very successfully. The club offers perfect conditions for those who want to get involved in professional tennis. We also have good coaches who train us in groups and individually. I enjoy sparring with a trainer and with other competitors, we also have psychologists and doctors at the club. Everyone are very dedicated to our success and we are sincerely looking forward to our victories. We live and train in harmony, and we help to each other.

Guest House

Over 100 members and growing, Our Team is Our Family.

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